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Networking Lunch L01 (Tues., Oct 2, 12:30)
$33,00 CAN x (# of tickets)

Lunch Boxes (check which day(s))
 Wed., Oct. 3 for L02
     (Innovation Challenge)
 Thurs., Oct. 4 for L03
     (Poster Session)
 Fri., Oct.5 for L04
     (Plenary on gastronomical Pleasures)
$40.00 CAN x (# of days)

Welcome Reception
Note: Full Congress registration includes 1 ticket
$45.00 CAN x (# of tickets)

AURA (Thurs., Oct. 4 at 20:70) - Notre-Dame Basilica
$20.70 CAN x (# of tickets)

NB: All purchased tickets will be given to you upon arrival at registration.  Details re lunches will be sent by email closer to the event.