Self Care

Integral Tai-Chi

Developed by Master Hang Truong, Integral Tai-chi is a system of health improvement exercises designed for all ages, founded upon the principles drawn from traditional Tai-chi, Qigong, and Yoga. Its core philosophy, based on the Buddhist teachings of Prajna Wisdom, is to develop a spirit of transcendence, self mastery and harmony. The body language in the ten forms of Integral Tai-chi is designed to integrate our body, mind and spirit, connect the inside with the outside, embrace self and others. Integral Tai-chi is taught by many certified instructors in Canada, the US, Europe and Taiwan.


Yoga is a form of exercise from India with the aim of reaching a state of peace and relaxation. There are different types, but all involve muscle stretching, controlled breathing and meditation. Movements will be accessible to all levels and will invigorate the practitioners for the day ahead.

Stretch and Balance

This activity consists of a mix of stretching and balance exercises to improve your mobility and agility while focusing on better posture. Good posture provides energy and enables you to use your body more efficiently.

Walking & Body Weight Exercises
      (Outdoor Activity)

This activity will consist of a short, brisk walk followed by exercises done entirely using your own body weight.