Feel Good

Caring for ourselves is key to being able to care for others… The Congress offers ample opportunity to restore our inner tranquility and help us achieve a sense of well-being. The importance of music and the arts in our psychological well-being is also featured in the much loved Reflections and in the inclusion of music as an integral element in various activities.

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Self-Care Activities

Organized by Hope & Cope, Jewish General Hospital, Montréal

Self care activities offered include:


Yoga is a form of exercise from India with the aim of reaching a state of peace and relaxation. There are different types, but all involve muscle stretching, controlled breathing and meditation. Movements will be accessible to all levels and will invigorate the practitioners for the day ahead.

Stretch and Balance

This activity consists of a mix of stretching and balance exercises to improve your mobility and agility while focusing on better posture. Good posture provides energy and enables you to use your body more efficiently.

Walking & Body Weight Exercises
      (Outdoor Activity)

This activity will consist of a short, brisk walk followed by exercises done entirely using your own body weight.

Places are limited. Click here to register for these activities.

Live Music Before Plenaries

Arrive 30 minutes before each plenary to be inspired by the live music of world class musicians

Need a Moment of Tranquility?

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is available for participants who wish to have time for private reflection in a tranquil setting.


The practice of mindfulness meditation is to be present in the moment; it is a subjective conscious experience that allows the person to be attentive to the movement of his/her thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is an attribute of consciousness which increases the welfare of the person. The emotions of fear and anxiety in stressful situations can be defused by the practice of mindfulness meditation.

The Reflection Room

We invite you to visit The Reflection Room to pause, reflect and share your experiences with dying and death. Does an experience stand out in your memory? Have you been inspired by others? Have you had experiences with family members or friends? Add your reflection to the Reflection Wall and see the collective story that we all are building.

The Reflection Room is a project led by the research team at Saint Elizabeth, a national health care provider supporting residential hospice, education and research. The Reflection Room leverages the power of shared storytelling and experiential design to engage people in thinking and talking about end of life. We are studying whether reflection and storytelling are positive for people who have experienced a death and whether reading the stories of others helps in thinking about dying and death.

Evening Event

Thursday, October 4 at 20:00   (Private Showing)
Montréal’s Notre-Dame Basilica

A luminous experience in the heart of the Basilica
Design and production by Moment Factory

Light, orchestral music and grandiose architecture combine to create a unique, three-act multimedia spectacle. Allow yourself to be transported and discover an unexpected, stunning universe presented upon one of the most sublime canvases imaginable: Montréal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.


The experience takes place in two parts:

First, we invite you to explore the Basilica while discovering a series of multimedia installations that highlight the artwork beneath the building’s rood screens. Take this time to slow down and connect with the space. (Run time: approximately 20-30 minutes)

Then, an announcement will invite you to make your way to the centre of the Basilica for the second, immersive portion of the experience. No matter where you sit, you’ll be able to enjoy this sensory experience to its fullest! (Run time: approximately 20 minutes

Each visit runs approximately 45 minutes.

Space is limited. Tickets ($20.70 CAN) – Click here to purchase.


Produced by: Shani Komulainen, Gillian McConnell, Dr. Bernard Lapointe

A tradition begun by Dr. Balfour Mount in 1996, the Reflections which open each plenary session have become a well-loved and much appreciated Congress feature. The goal of these images set to music is to provide an introspective moment to lead us from the distractions and preoccupations that crowd our minds, into focussed awareness of shared experience.