Changes to the programme

Changes to the programme since publication of the Final Programme.


Wednesday, October 3

B08  will be in 520 AD
B10   will be in 520 BE
C05  will be in 520 CF
C09 will be in 520 BE


Wednesday, October 3

A07-A:  The presentation by Ida Goliath has been cancelled. Instead, Dawn Gross, University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States, will present a 45-minute workshop entitled "Connecting Our Medical He(Arts) and Humanity: An Interactive Workshop to Heal the Healer's Hands".

A13-A:  First Proffered Paper only (by Pamela Grassau) has been cancelled.

Thursday, October 4

E03   The representative from the Chiefs Committee on Health will be replaced by Addie Pryce of the Assembly of First Nations and by their Senior Policy Analyst.

E05-A:   The workshop by Carol Tishelman has been cancelled. Instead, Ingrid See, Vancouver Home Hospice, Vancourver, BC, Canada, will present a 45-minute workshop entitled "Enhancing Goals of Care and Advance Care Planning Discussions: Ensuring the Meaning of the Conversations is Communicated and Understood".

Friday, October 5

F08-A:   Jennifer Philip, St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, co-author, will present this paper instead of Anna Collins.

F09-D:   A fourth proffered paper has been added to the session. Janet Carver, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Lunenburg, NS, Canada will present “Engaging Bereaved Family Members in the Development of a Palliative Care Patient/Family Education Resource”.

G04-C:   The third proffered paper only (by Jean Paul Balinda) has been cancelled.

G10-A:   Dany Bell, Macmillan Cancer Support, London, United Kingdom, will present this paper instead of Adrienne Betteley.

G13-C:   Third Proffered Paper only (by Dalhat Sani Khalid) has been cancelled.


P016  (Jiofack, Fulbert)
P099  (Michaels, Jacqueline)
P128  (McNall, Lynn)
P154   (Stajduhar, Kelli)
P213   (Mishra, Seema)
P231   (Jiofack, Fulbert)
P233  (Mishra, Seema)
P263  (Hasanpour, Marzieh)